Elaine has been an independent Joycean scholar since 1994, and has been participating in Joyce groups on the Internet since 1995. There are 3 Joyce reading groups in New Mexico- 2 in Santa Fe and one in Albuquerque, led by Elaine herself. The Bloomsday Festival has been celebrated in New Mexico since 1998.

Elaine owes a great deal of gratitude to a librarian who introduced her to the Joyce discussion groups on the internet. These groups helped her tremendously in her understanding of Joyce’s Ulysses and especially Finnegans Wake.

Elaine has studied mythology, legends and folk tales for many years. She first became interested in Joyce while studying Celtic Mythology and Joseph Campbellā€™s Creative Mythology, where he mentions Joyce frequently and with a lot of praise. She remains passionate about his writings and discussions.

Elaine’s papers on Joyce are soon going to be published as a book entitled TOCCATOOTLETOO! (From Finnegans Wake 461.27) with the subtitle “Papers on James Joyce.” These papers include:

1. “The Questing Youth in James Joyce and Thomas Mann”
2. “James Joyce and Thomas Stearns Eliot”
3. “James Joyce and Pale Blake”
4. “Lewis Carroll in James Joyce”
5. “Joyce Uncovers and Uses Gossip and Rumor”
6. “Joyce and Chaplin, Tricksters”
7. “James Joyce and Mythologies”

This collection represents almost 20 years of study and research on James Joyce, his writings, and related subjects. It is hoped that it shows the love of Joyce’s work that is felt by Elaine.

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